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Show Off Your AORUS Rigs!

  [MY] Show Off Your AORUS Rigs



1) Do LIKE and Follow our page as well as follow our official Aorus Facebook Group.


2) Follow the criteria on and fill in the necessary information.

3) Upload your AORUS RIG photo to Facebook and set it as public viewing (set it as square format 1500 x 1500 pixels @ 300 DPI).

4) Do list the Aorus/Gigabyte component listed in the picture you're uploading in the post description.

5) Remember to tag AORUS MY in the post and include the hashtags ( #AORUSMY #ShowOffYourRigs), encourage your buddies to help like and share your post.


Participants Requirements

1) Minimum PC specs must have both Motherboard and Graphics Card to use Aorus/Gigabyte. Any additional PC hardware or PC peripheral is welcomed.

2) Follow the steps on to participate. 



Scoring Criteria

1) Creativity and Design Setup showing Aorus/Gigabyte products noticeably: 25%

2) More Aorus/ Gigabyte products shown: 25%

3) Quality of the final image presented (high resolution is a must): 20%

4) The number of post likes, comments and shares: 30%

The decision by Aorus MY Team would be final when picking the winners, we are not obligated to show or express the scoring results. For additional information feel free to message our official page. The content of this content is subject to change without informing the participant, we suggest to check this page every few days for the lastest information (will be placed under the page as #Update(follow by number and date).