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GIGABYTE Partners with SQUARE ENIX to Offer Outriders Game Bundle


With the release of the highly anticipated “Outriders”, millions of gamers have purchased the game to experience first-hand the new hybrid FPS and RPG genre title, while many are itching for a try. To compensate gamers for their immeasurable community support of AORUS, GIGABYTE has teamed up with SQUARE ENIX. From now on while supplies last, customers who purchase a select AORUS gaming monitor or motherboard can redeem a free copy of Outriders. With a fast and easy redemption upon registering your product, AORUS empowers gamers to play today’s popular new game for free while updating their gaming rigs. 


For the most optimal gaming experience, GIGABYTE AORUS has been providing gamers with the most high-end hardware for years. Through the AORUS motherboards’ best power design and thermal management, AORUS is able to unlock the full potential of the new-gen processors, enabling gamers to reach super high frame rates at the highest settings possible. Thanks to the PCIe 4.0 support, gamers can enjoy gaming even more with the high bandwidth and further improved CPU performance. And with the new AORUS 4K Pro gaming monitors, the brightest and stunning panels of a 4K ultra-high display have entered gaming. Featuring one of the fastest refresh rates and response times available, gamers can truly witness every second and aim with confidence.


While gearing up in Outriders, let AORUS take care of the hardware. For more details, please visit the event page: